Erewash Activists Join Campaign in Witney

Erewash activists on their way to campaign in Witney

Members of Erewash Liberal Democrats took time out of their local efforts last weekend to join hundreds of other Lib Dem activists from around the country in Witney in West Oxfordshire, where campaigning in the by-election in David Cameron’s old seat is in full swing.

We spent the day delivering leaflets in Charlebury, home of Lib Dem candidate Liz Leffman. There were Lib Dem signs in gardens, and posters in windows, all over town. Support for the Lib Dems looks to be growing well there, with former labour supporters unhappy with their current leadership’s lurch to the left, and former Tories unhappy with their party’s lurch to the right under Teresa May, saying they will be voting for us in increasing numbers.

With Labour in disarray, and the Tories looking more like UKIP, the Liberal Democrats are currently the only real alternative to the Tories.

The votes are counted on 20th October. Look for a big swing towards, and hopefully a win for, the Liberal Democrats.