Erewash Lib Dems Membership Surge

Membership Card

Huge numbers of people have been joining the Liberal Democrats since the EU referendum as people realise that the two main parties no longer have a vision for Britain’s future that they share. The party has around 30% more members than it did on 23rd June and now has more members than at any time this century. The recent surge follows on from similar growth in the party after the general election last year.

In Erewash we have more than doubled our membership since May 2015 and continue to welcome people who share our liberal values.

Do you feel let down by the other parties since the referendum? Do you want to make a difference to politics in your local area? Do you believe in a fair, free and open liberal society where everyone is valued? Then why not do as so many others have done and join the Liberal Democrats. You can do this online at or by calling 020 7022 0988